Fight Fire Fight Cancer


Fight Fire Fight Cancer

Helping Fire Fighters Breathe Easy
The most common work related injury fire fighters endure is cancer

Fire Fighters have occupational risks from exposure to toxins and hazardous chemicals. As a result fire fighters suffer illness, particulary cancers at a statistically higher rate than the average individual.

It is known that the average life expectancy of a fire fighter in the USA is 57 and therefore we presume this must be lower for a fire fighter working in India.

Breathe Easy India hopes to empower fire fighters by giving them a fighting chance through two initiatives:

1.Free Medical Second Opinions – Our partner Texas Medical Concierge which integrates healthcare beyond borders will facilitate a complementary second opinion for fire fighters diagnosed with cancer or respiratory diseases. We also offer free accommodation to Fire Fighters undergoing treatment in Houston Texas USA through our partnership with The Rotary Fire Fighters Home. Learn more at

2.Breathe Easy Football League – a dedicated football league for fire fighters to help raise awareness about the prevalence of cancer and work related illnesses. The funds raised from the league support our football for health program in underprivileged communities