Donate Time


Donate Time

Your skills are valuable

We work with people from very deprived backgrounds, they often don’t have food to eat or clean water to drink. Their sense of self worth is almost non-existent. You can get involved by volunteering with any of our projects. Some time love and laughter is all they need. By just spending a few precious hours you can change a life. Teach them , talk to them   or simply listen, your time matters.


Some options are :-

  • Play football with our underprivileged team.
  • Play football for a corporate team and participate in
    a corporate league.
  • Teach the children anything you wish to impart.
  • Volunteer your professional skills and help us with
    1. Fund Raising
    2. Event Co-ordination
    3. Marketing
    4. Social Media Outreach
    5. Photography and video support
    6. Content creation and blogging
    7. Legal assistance
    8. Administrative assistance